My Story

Hello there, and welcome to my store!

My name is Bex, and I am the designer and owner of Bubblegum Pets. I grew up out in the country, surrounded by nature and animals. Even at a very young age, I was insanely inspired to draw what was around me. I used to write stories and comics about animals going on adventures. I also watched a lot of cartoons and played tons of video games, which is where many of my story ideas came from. I played with my Littlest Pet shop toys, and had the latest Lisa Frank swag when I went to school. My family always had dogs (and sometimes cats too) so they were a very important part of my life. They were my play mates, my family, and my friends! As I grew up and life's more harsh realities set in, the dogs were always there to comfort me. They became a vital part of keeping me happy when the world would go dark, and I am forever in debt to them for this.


I always knew that art was in my future. At first I wanted to be an animator or game concept artist, but living in Ohio and not willing to move west made it pretty much impossible at the time I was choosing a career path. It was a very difficult road, but I eventually came to run a business for 10 years creating pet portraits for people. I've created over 1000 paintings and drawings- in which over half of them are of people's pets! I've built a beautiful base of clients whom I adore- pet lovers just like myself. We have laughed over caricatures, cried over pets that have passed. That connection is so rewarding, it truly makes me feel a sense of great worth in this world.

But making art is a massive financial struggle. It's taken years of sacrifice to maintain financial stability- constantly having to find subcontracting work, often back-breaking, to make sure the bills get paid. I have worked very hard for everything I have, alone, and I am very proud of that. However, I can't keep breaking even. I've reached a point where I need something else to get me to the next level of my dreams- and that's what the Bubblegum Pets project is for.

The Dream

While I was locked away, like the rest of the world, I gave myself time to reset. On a walk through the woods, I saw a vision of the future I truly desired- A house in a forest, surrounded by pine trees, with a dog by my side. 

So this is my plan. I want to get a therapy dog, move to the countryside, and help animal shelters and wildlife sanctuaries across the United States. The Bubblegum Pets project is designed strategically to do this, but I will need help from you! All it takes is for you to purchase any item, tell your friends about Bubblegum Pets, and enjoy my fun designs. Thank you so much, and I hope these fabulous designs bring you great joy. May all of our dreams come true- for the love of our pets!